A homey clubhouse update!

Here we are with another updates post as usual. These seem to be a good addition, considering the Clubhouse of the Week by the Creators. Well, non-members can’t update their clubhouse; it doesn’t save at all. And they send the error message: “notmember”. That is kinda unfair for us.

That just means pure bad luck to all the non-members out there (including me). Anyways, here are the clubhouse updates :

What do you think about those? There are fourteen new clubhouse updates to go with: ten magical creatures, one ‘uni-plushie’, and three natural wallpapers. Truly magical, isn’t it? However, as you can see above, only four items are member-free. Poptropica is becoming soo membership focused right now.

Now, Poptropica does also have one more homey update up their sleeves…..

Poptropica has updated their homepage with a pic similar to an ad for Poptropica on Funbrain.

The new Poptropica homepage

Yes, they feature Poptropicans with their pets, which was a little recent update. Check out this PHB post by Gentle Dolphin, where she explains more on the subject. But, the Creators say that although they are updating Poptropica Original with all sorts of cool updates, it doesn’t mean that they have given up on Worlds. So, I guess, let’s keep an eye out on both.

Well, I guess Poptropica forgot to put a link directing to Worlds. However, Worlds still can be accessed by googling it. Let’s hope Poptropica puts back the link to Worlds. Also, I’ll miss the old homepage. We all will miss you…

Which update did you like best? Sound off in the comments below. See y’all later!

-Quick Fang


5 thoughts on “A homey clubhouse update!

      1. Well, if they are, it has gotta be a good one. Not just some remake or sequal this time, something actually unique, cool, and fun.

        P.s: Also, fix the physics to where it feels as smooth, fluid and bouncy like original.

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