How’s your great fashion sense?

Hey everyone! Finally, this is the chance to show everyone who the real fashion star is. Ever since Blue Tooth joined the Poptropica team, things have been changing for the better. Now, this is a great addition to the Creators’ Blog.

Source: Creators’ Blog

This is basically a Look of the Week contest where every other week, on Fridays, the Creators will take a look at who’s hanging out in the common rooms, and then they’ll pick out a Poptropican who really rocks their look. And that lucky Poptropican gets totally original, totally exclusive artwork ( by Blue Tooth, I guess) of their look featured on the Creators’ Blog, and on Twitter and Instagram. I’d might want to update my suits if I want to be featured. Check out the post on the Creators’ Blog right here!

As you read above, the Creators have typed in ” every other week “. The additional good news is, along with this weekly fashion dressing contest, we’ll have something different for the Fridays that don’t feature a look of the week.

Why just every other week, you ask? We have something different planned for the Fridays that don’t feature a look of the week! Stay tuned and find out 😉 – Creators’ Blog

I think this is just to make sure the active participation of players in the community. However, this is just awesome! Be sure to deck out in good outfits, and remember to stay POPping on!

~ Quick Fang