I’ve Updated the Blog (Ft Ugandan Knuckles)

You know, the blog seemed a little dull. And I was boarded. I spruced it up a little. I like things to be new once and awhile. This hasn’t been updated in awhile so I thought I’d make it look nice. I almost forgot how to edit the blog. I almost forgot!  Ugandan Knuckles has a message.
“Do you know da wae?”



Under Da Sea

Breaking news! 10 new items are here for your clubhouse! I know I haven’t been around too much, but I’ve started playing MineCraft and Slitherio. Anyway,  there’s 10 new items! A Shark, an I-have-no-idea-what-that-is, an eel thing, a pufferfish, an octopus, a blue fish, a clown fish, a Jellyfish, a dolphin and a starfish. There’s also a new sunken ship background!

(Im sry but i dont know how to upload photos)

Well that’s pretty much it from me! Back to MineCraft now! (btw I might never show up again because MineCraft is turning 10 on friday!:))

Pets have Arrived on Poptropica!!!😺🐶🦎🐐🐇

Hi, I’m here to announce that pets have arrived on Poptropica. One of the many updates that have come. I know, you’re probably ready to leave Poptropica. Those of you that have stayed, don’t give up now. I’m sure they’ll soon get to a new island. Just hang in there. The best comes to the ones who hang in there and stay. Back to pets.

There are five pets. Three are members only. Two are for non-members. The pets are Cats, Dogs( Non Member), Lizard, Goat and a Rabbit (Members Only).

That all for now! I’ll let you know about other updates.

The Journey Begins

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Yes. And that journey is the beginning of this blog. I’m Elizabeth, but you can call me Magic Heart. I started this site to bring joy to all my fellow Poptropicans. I’d like to say that I’m an all time fan of Poptropica. Please tell me if you want to guest post. There are no particular topics. Just email the post to me at elizpoir@sd76.net. I will tell you how hard it was to figure out how to make this blog. I’ll do it in meme style.

Poptropican - I want to make a poptropica blog finally made it after weeks of trying to figure out to make it free

 Yes, you heard it. It took weeks to figure it out. 1 month to be exact! That’s the end of this post. Thanks for joining!