Day 1: Glitches

When you see the title, you may get a bit confused. I’ll explain. Each day this week I’ll post about my experiences on Poptropica. Today I’m going to talk about glitches that have happened to me. Here we go.

1.  I can’t go to the new friends page.

Yes, you heard it, there’s a new friends page. And I can’t go on it. I can only access it through the menu. When I click on the friend icon, it does the loading screen and never brings me to the friend page. And this is not just my computer. My little sister was able to go to the friends page. She uses the same computer as me.

2. No ad change

I still have Galactic Hot Dogs ads. So, I don’t get any prizes.

3. Not allowed to have the photo booth.

Yes, I don’t even have the photo booth.  That’s it for now. But before I end this, I’m going tell you about one of my poptropicans. Her name is Popular Fire. I’ve lost her username. I’m mad at the creators because on their contact page, it doesn’t have a spot about lost username. All I can say about this is, R.I.P Popular Fire.

The Journey Begins

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Yes. And that journey is the beginning of this blog. I’m Elizabeth, but you can call me Magic Heart. I started this site to bring joy to all my fellow Poptropicans. I’d like to say that I’m an all time fan of Poptropica. Please tell me if you want to guest post. There are no particular topics. Just email the post to me at I will tell you how hard it was to figure out how to make this blog. I’ll do it in meme style.

Poptropican - I want to make a poptropica blog finally made it after weeks of trying to figure out to make it free

 Yes, you heard it. It took weeks to figure it out. 1 month to be exact! That’s the end of this post. Thanks for joining!