A brand new Store for pets and Poptropicans!

Hey everyone! It’s Quick Fang with an update post. Yeah, it’s been a while since I last posted, and I am returning with news of a brand new update. The only downside to this update – most of them are for members-only.

Let’s start with the pets’ update – there’s a new store ” in store ” for them! We had wanted our pets to dress up in the most stylish way possible – just like their owners. Now, that dream is actually coming true! You can access the Pet Store by visiting the Pet Barn, and just click the green Store icon situated in the bottom-left corner. There are a bunch of accessories available for your pet(s). There are four categories, namely head, face, body, and eyes.



Now, of course, Poptropica does have a wonderful surprise for their owners as well. Our new Store! Wow, now pets and their owners do have something in common. This format is going to make the Store last even after the end of Flash in 2020. Check these out! The categories are costumes, followers, powers, pranks, and miscellaneous.


Wow, cool! What do you think of these? The members-only items still cost, though. Share your opinions in the comments below! And as always, keep POPping on!

~ Quick Fang

A new ‘ flashy ‘ update!

Yes, this has something to do with Flash Player. An un-flashy update, I mean. If you turn off Flash, you’ll see that the screen has updated for the best. I think the design suits Worlds better, but it is a good match with Pop Original too.

Check it out!

Screenshot (28)

What do you think? The screen features Shark Boy and other Poptropicans wearing cool costumes. The Creators have even referenced the new pets feature by adding a pet chameleon, which is shown sitting on Shark Boy’s inventory. It really does add a new beauty to the un-flashy screen. Share your thoughts in the comments below! And as always, stay POPping on!

    ~ Quick Fang


Hey everyone! Quick Fang writing here…..

Maybe some of you have figured it out. I’m the newest author on Magic Heart’s Poptropica Blog. I’m 11 and I love blogging on Poptropica. Anyone wanting to friend me, my username is ‘ password291 ‘. ☺

I’ve joined the community only two months ago, but that doesn’t stop me from blogging on it! If there’s anyone wanting to check out my blog, they’re welcome. I’ve just started it, so you won’t find much content in there.

I have also posted some guest posts in the Poptropica Help Blog, and you’re also welcome to check that out.

This is my first time actually posting on another player’s blog. But I want to say that I am really happy and excited to be given the opportunity. Thanking Magic Heart AKA Poptropica Girl for inviting me.

Keep looking forward, and as always, keep POPping on!

Screenshot (27)

( And I take the chance to inform the viewers about the Home Island Spring update! Yeah, I know it’s late, but still! )

– Quick Fang 🐦

Pets have Arrived on Poptropica!!!😺🐶🦎🐐🐇

Hi, I’m here to announce that pets have arrived on Poptropica. One of the many updates that have come. I know, you’re probably ready to leave Poptropica. Those of you that have stayed, don’t give up now. I’m sure they’ll soon get to a new island. Just hang in there. The best comes to the ones who hang in there and stay. Back to pets.

There are five pets. Three are members only. Two are for non-members. The pets are Cats, Dogs( Non Member), Lizard, Goat and a Rabbit (Members Only).

That all for now! I’ll let you know about other updates.

The Journey Begins

Image result for start your journey quotes

Yes. And that journey is the beginning of this blog. I’m Elizabeth, but you can call me Magic Heart. I started this site to bring joy to all my fellow Poptropicans. I’d like to say that I’m an all time fan of Poptropica. Please tell me if you want to guest post. There are no particular topics. Just email the post to me at elizpoir@sd76.net. I will tell you how hard it was to figure out how to make this blog. I’ll do it in meme style.

Poptropican - I want to make a poptropica blog finally made it after weeks of trying to figure out to make it free

 Yes, you heard it. It took weeks to figure it out. 1 month to be exact! That’s the end of this post. Thanks for joining!